State Militarized Mine-Rescue (Rescue) Squad

 Homelast-newsApril 21, 2020
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Today is training, tomorrow is saved life

Published: 21.04.2020, 12:17

Hardened like steel, they are always ready to respond to an alarm - this is about the mine-rescuers of the State Militarized Mine-Rescue Squad Public Service of Ukraine for Emergencies. Many hours of workout help keep fit.

Last week, mine-rescuers performed exercises using personal respiratory protective equipment in order to acquire proper breathing skills under conditions of physical activity of varying severity.

To develop coordination of movements, static and dynamic strength, and overall endurance, fighters trained to climb and descend from conventional tall buildings, secure safety ropes in a special training zone for the preparation of team high angle rope rescue.

In the training mine, ukrainian mine-rescuers worked out mine rescue operations to rescue and evacuate people, extinguish a fire, eliminate the consequences of an accident and the like.

Only regular trainings provide effective actions of mountain rescuers during the liquidation of a real emergency!


12 June12:11 The detachment has started a program of re-equipping units with modern respirators
24 April08:55 Students of the training platoon receive education remotely in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic
21 April12:17 Today is training, tomorrow is saved life
7 April12:53 Tactical and technical training of mining and rescue units SMMRS PSE of Ukraine
17 March12:12 The combined divers team SMMRS PSE of Ukraine underwent a two-day training session
28 February18:33 II stage of competitions in tactical and technical training among the units SMMRSPSE of Ukraine